Crew One Bylaws


A. Charter Organization

  1. It is recognized that BSA units are owned by, and exist to further the educational, civic, and/or religious goals of their Chartering Organizations.
  2. Venturing Crew 2001 a.k.a. “Crew One” or “Crew 1” (i.e., “the Crew”) shall be chartered by Beartooth Media Group, Inc. (dba “Backpacking Light” (“the Chartered Organization”), a Montana corporation based in Bozeman, Montana.
  3. Backpacking Light’s mission is to “promote wilderness expedition travel in lightweight style”.
  4. Backpacking Light accomplishes this mission by developing and distributing educational media and by offering education programs.
  5. Backpacking Light seeks to extend their mission to include youth development initiatives focused on instilling the attributes of honor, courage, and leadership through practice in the context of the complex and challenging environment of High Adventure; and further believes that practicing these traits provides a practical foundation that youth can use in their adult lives as positive practicing citizens in their family, workplace, and communities; and further believes that Venturing BSA provides an effective model for doing so.
  6. The Crew is thus chartered for the purpose of supporting the mission of the Chartered Organization consistent with the guidelines and policies of Venturing BSA.

B. Crew Objectives

Crew objectives shall focus on learning the principles of Honor, Courage, Leadership, and High Adventure.

  1. Relationships by Honor – The Crew shall learn and commit to the principle of “undeserved and unconditional honor” in how Crew Members relate to each other and to those they come into contact with. How we honor others shall be dependent on nothing other than our choice to honor them.
  2. Courageously Facing Challenges – The Crew shall engage in activities that promote a high level of challenge, recognizing that meeting such challenge requires an exceptional commitment to courageously facing the unknown trials that grow character, patrol citizenship, and personal fitness (mental, emotional, and physical).
  3. Expedition Leadership – The Crew shall learn and practice the skills used in setting and achieving group goals, including expedition behavior, competence, communications, judgment, and decision-making in the context of carrying out High Adventure activities. This process is heretofore referred to as “Expedition Leadership”.
  4. High Adventure – The Crew shall train for, plan, and participate in expeditions in remote environments of duration 72+ hours, heretofore referred to as “High Adventure”.

C. Membership

  1. Crew Membership shall consist of a minimum of five persons and a maximum of 12 persons, so as to maintain rigorous focus on the patrol method in all activities, and to maintain a high ratio of adult advisors and mentors for Crew Members for the purpose of preserving the quality of the program. Exceptions to this cap shall be made on a case by case basis requiring approval of the Chartered Organization Representative.
  2. Crew Membership shall be open to all qualified youth 14 to 20 years of age, consistent with BSA Venturing membership and non-discrimination policies.
  3. Additional qualifications for obtaining and maintaining Crew Membership shall include the following: (a) All Crew Members must maintain the level of physical fitness required to participate in the High Adventure activities of the crew; this includes maintaining Parts A, B, and C of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record; (b) Because of the advanced nature of the High Adventure program, it shall be recommended that prospective Crew Members enter the Crew with a desire to contribute to the Crew Objectives as outlined above. Previous High Adventure experience shall not necessarily constitute a prerequisite for Crew Membership. The prospective Crew Member who has no interest in contributing to the Crew Objectives and/or who would like to focus their primary energy in other aspects of the Venturing BSA program (e.g., Team Sports, Advancement, Arts & Hobbies) may find that this Crew is not the best fit for them.
  4. Additional qualifications for some Crew Activities (especially High Adventure expeditions) may include a combination of one or more of skills proficiency, experience, participation in prerequisite activities, physical fitness tests, or other qualifications as deemed appropriate by the Crew Advisor to preserve the health and safety of the Crew. Thus, some Crew Members may not necessarily qualify for some Crew Activities if their attendance at Crew Activities is limited. Crew Members that actively participate in all aspects of the Crew program shall not be excluded from any Crew Activity barring exceptional circumstances related to preserving the health and safety of the Crew, or in the case of disciplinary action. The decision to exclude a Crew Member from any activity remains solely with the Crew Advisor.


A. Organizational Structure

Crew Positions and the chain of command shall be organized as illustrated in Figure 1. Some leadership positions have been consolidated to reflect the small size of the Crew and the limited focus of the Crew on specific aspects of Venturing BSA.

CREW organizational chart


B. Crew Committee Roles (Adult)

Crew Committee (CC) – The Crew Committee shall consist of a minimum of four voting members and the following minimum appointed offices. Voting privileges require that the Crew Committee Member is a registered adult member of the Crew. Chartered Organization Representative (COR) / Crew Committee Chair (CCC) – The Chartered Organization shall appoint one person to serve the dual office of the Chartered Organization Representative / Crew Committee Chair. The COR/CCC shall be a voting member of the Crew Committee.

Crew Secretary / Treasurer (CST) – The CCC shall appoint one person to serve the dual office of Crew Secretary / Treasurer. The CST shall be a voting member of the Crew Committee.

Other Crew Committee Offices – The CC may appoint other (optional) Crew Committee Offices as needed for Crew Committee management and in accordance with Venturing BSA guidelines. Such offices shall serve as voting members of the Crew Committee.

Crew Committee Members at Large – Crew Committee Members who serve actively on the Crew Committee shall serve as voting members of the Crew Committee.

Crew Advisor (CA) and Associate Crew Advisors (ACA) – The CC shall appoint the Crew Advisor (required), and the Crew Advisor may appoint (optional) Associate Crew Advisors. CA’s and ACA’s shall serve as members on the Crew Committee and participate in Crew Committee business, but shall not have voting privileges on the Crew Committee.

Dual Offices – Dual offices may be held by single persons, with the following exceptions and limitations:

  • The COR/CCC may not hold the office of CST, CA, or ACA. !
  • No CA or ACA may hold the office of CST.
  • Nonvoting members (i.e., CA and ACAs) may hold Crew Committee offices other than COR, CCC, or CST, but they will remain nonvoting members.

Position Descriptions – Crew Committee position descriptions as described in Venturing BSA guidelines shall be used as a guide to define roles and responsibilities of all adult Crew Committee members and offices.

Terms of Office – Terms of Office shall be held indefinitely until the office is resigned, or by dismissal from office upon recommendation by the Crew Committee and approval by the Chartered Organization Representative.

C. Officer Roles (Youth)

Minimum Positions – At minimum, the Crew Officers must be comprised of three youth members, and include the offices of Crew President, Crew Vice President-Administration, Crew Vice-President Program, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Dual Offices – Any one individual as elected by the Crew may serve not more than any two of the five offices as defined above at any given time. The Crew President may not also hold the position of Crew Treasurer.

Position Descriptions – Crew Officer position descriptions as described in Venturing BSA guidelines shall be used as a guide to define roles and responsibilities of all Crew Officers.

Other Crew Offices – The Crew President may deem it necessary to appoint other offices to other Crew Members for the purpose of assigning responsibility of other tasks as needed. Other Crew Offices, and their voting roles and rights in the Crew, shall be approved by the Crew Advisor and be consistent with the guidelines and policies of Venturing BSA.

Terms of Office – Terms of Office shall be held for a period of one year, and may not be renewed for consecutive terms except under exceptional circumstances, and only with approval by the Crew Advisor.

D. Financial Policy

Financial policy will be developed by the Crew Committee Chair and approved by the Chartered Organization Representative. At minimum, the following guidelines will be adhered to:

  • The Crew annual budget must be developed by the Crew Officers, approved by a majority vote of the Crew Committee, with final approval by the Chartered Organization Representative.
  • The Crew Committee Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that the Crew is operating within its approved budget.
  • The Crew Committee Treasurer shall not have signatory authority for any Crew expenditures.
  • The Crew Committee Chair shall designate two signatory authorities for Crew expenditures.
  • Dual signatory authority shall only be required in the event that one of the signatories is a Crew Officer.


A. Crew Business

Crew business and official decisions conducted by Crew Officers shall be conducted by simple majority vote of all Crew Officers. When an Officer cannot be present at an Officer meeting, that Officer must designate another Crew Officer of their choosing to vote by proxy for them.

B. Officer’s Meetings

Officer’s Meetings shall be held once per month according to the following schedule:

Day of Month: _________ (e.g., “First Sunday”) at ___________ (time of day).

C. General Meetings

General Crew Meetings for all Crew Members shall be held once per month according to the following schedule:

Day of Month: _________ (e.g., “First Sunday”) at ___________ (time of day).

D. Uniforms

Uniforms shall consist of “Class A” and “Class B”, and defined as follows:

Class A – shall consist of business casual dress with khaki pants and long-sleeved chambray shirt with the Crew One logo.

Class B – shall consist of replacing the Class A Shirt with another uniform shirt (e.g., Crew T-Shirt) as approved by the Crew President (note: all Crew Members should wear this same shirt) while maintaining the rest of the Class A uniform.

E. Dues

Monthly dues shall be due and submitted to the Crew Treasurer at each General Meeting.

Monthly dues shall be defined by the Crew Committee and approved by the Crew Committee Chair.


A. Crew Schedule

The Crew shall maintain the following schedule:

  • General Crew Meetings / Training Activities – once/month
  • Officer’s Meetings – once/month
  • Crew High Adventure Outings – once/quarter

B. Crew Activities

General Crew Meetings / Training Activities should focus on planning, training for, and otherwise preparing for Crew Outings, with a duration of 24 hours or less. General meetings / indoor training (2-3 hour events) should alternate every other month with outdoor training activities (4 to 24 hours in duration).

Crew Outings are intended to be “high adventure-type” weekend outings (24-72 hours) or high adventure expeditions (72+ hours) that will allow the Crew to meet its Objectives.

C. Crew Officer Election

Crew Officer Terms shall run from September 1 – August 31. Elections should be held in May of each year, to give adequate time for incoming officers to prepare for their terms.

D. Crew Annual Plan

Crew Officers shall hold an annual planning conference annually each September to create an Annual plan based on input from other Crew Members. The Annual Plan shall include, at minimum, all dates and activity descriptions for General Meetings, Officer Meetings, Crew Activities, and Special Events.

E. Example Schedule

An example of a typical annual schedule might look like the following:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 11.41.14 PM

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