Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Venture Crew?

A Venture Crew is a type of Scouting unit targeted to older teens and young adults (ages 14-20) with a core program comprised of activities that are generally more advanced in nature than what may be found in Boy Scout Troops – activities specifically designed to develop high levels of maturity that help youth make the transition into adulthood.

Who may join a Venturing Crew?

The minimum youth age for Venture Crew membership is 14 (or 13 and completed the 8th grade). The maximum youth age is 20. Adults aged 21 and older may participate as Associate Advisors, Committee Members, etc.

What is unique about Crew One?

Venturing Crews can be broad in scope, or specifically focused on a one or more aspects of the Venturing program, depending on the goals and objectives of the Chartered Organization. Venturing program areas include outdoors, sports, sea scouting, religious and community life, and arts and hobbies. Crew One’s focus is on outdoors, and specifically, on developing Expedition Leadership skills through¬†High Adventure (advanced outdoor activities).

Does a Boy Scout interested in participating in Venturing have to choose between a Troop or a Crew?

No. A Scout can be co-registered with both a Troop and a Crew. If a Scout chooses to participate only in the Venturing program, he can still work on all rank advancements and other awards (e.g., merit badges) on his path to Eagle as a registered member of a Venture Crew. Crew One was founded, and is mentored by Eagle Scouts, and we are dedicated to helping our Crew Members achieve both their Eagle Scout Award (the highest award for Boy Scouts) and Venturing Silver Awards (the highest awards for Venture Scouts).

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